Service & Support

Service & Support

FAQ:  If you’ve got a question about U.S. MOTORS® brand products or motors in general, here’s a good place to start.

Training:  Want to know more about electrical motors?  We’ve covered a variety of terms and tools that will help orient you as you specify and sell motors.

Technical Data:  Diagrams, specifications, and manuals provide you with a deeper look into the supporting documentation for both our stock and custom products.
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Warranty Services:  Our Product Service department manages warranty and service programs for U.S. MOTORS® products larger than 56 frame.  If you have a fractional horsepower motor of this size or smaller, contact the original OEM or a distributor for replacement options.

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Other Online Resources:  If you want to know more about organizations and standards involved in the motor industry, this page will direct you to their sites and expanded topical resources.