Nidec & Control Techniques

Nidec and Control Techniques

World's #1 for Advanced Motor and Drive Technology

Nidec Corporation is a global manufacturer of electric motors and drives.

Nidec was set up in 1973. The company made small precision AC motors and had four employees.

Today, it’s a global corporation that develops, builds and installs cutting-edge drives, motors and control systems in over 70 countries with a workforce of more than 110,000.

You’ll find its innovations in thousands of industrial plants, IoT products, home appliances, cars, robotics, mobile phones, haptic devices, medical apparatus and IT equipment all over the world.


Think drives, think Control Techniques.

Control Techniques has been designing and manufacturing the best variable speed drives in the world since 1973.

Our customers reward our commitment to building drives that outperform the market. They trust us to deliver on time every time with our trademark outstanding service.

More than 45 years later, we’re still in pursuit of the best motor control, reliability and energy efficiency you can build into a drive. That’s what we promise to deliver, today and always. 


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