Upgrade Commander SK to Commander C

Meet Commander C: Simple, durable general purpose AC motor control

Upgrade Commander SK to Commander C

Commander C200 - C300 enhancements over Commander SK

General Purpose Variable Speed Drives Commander C200 and C300 deliver a range of performance, hardware, programming and software innovations over Commander SK.

Differences to note:
  • Commander C200 requires a AI-485-ADAPTOR for Modbus RTU communications, order separately.
  • The Commander SK when fitted with an SM-I/O option could support 2 or more analog outputs. The Commander C200 is limited to 1 analog output. For applications requiring 2 analog outputs the Unidrive M400 is the recommended replacement.

Upgrade to Commander C AC motor controller

  • Compatibility
    • Compatible physical dimensions, weights and surface mount footprint
    • When retrofitting surface mount drives, existing mounting holes can be reused - negating the need for additional drilling. Mounting holes are in the same place or retrofit kits are available

    • Power and control wiring adopt the same philosophy as Commander SK

    • The same menu and parameter structure is adopted by Commander C
    • Connect can be used to transfer parameters from Commander SK to Commander C
  • Performance
    Performance Innovations
    • New Rotor Flux Control (RFC) mode which improves motor control and stability and delivers higher overload currents by using a closed loop current control algorithm
    • Patented fan intelligence controls the fan speed in order to optimize Commander C's cooling profile
  • Programming and Software
    Programming and Software Innovations
    • Transfer parameters without mains power
      • AI-Backup adaptor option can be used to power the drive with 24 Vdc to maintain communications and interrogate parameter settings
      • Standard SD cards used with AI-Backup adaptor can transfer and clone parameters
    • LCD keypads have informative, multi-language, 3 line displays for easier and faster set up and diagnosis
      • Remote keypad – Rapid panel mount (1 x 32Ø hole) IP66 (C200-C300 with AI-485 adaptor)
    • Commander C200-C300 incorporate an onboard PLC which can execute Engineering Control Studio programs for logic and sequencing with real-time tasks
  • Hardware
    Hardware Innovations
    • Commander C200 - C300 can survive environments as described by IEC60721-3-3 3C3 and EN60068-2-60 Meth. 4
      • PCBs are conformal coated for increased resilience to conditions and greater reliability
      • Patented air duct system protects critical components
      • The IP rating has been increased from IP20 to IP21
    • Higher level of integration with machine safety systems
      • Commander C300 has dual channel SIL3/PLe ‘Safe Torque Off’ (STO) input
    • New cable management design

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