Upgrade Commander SK / Unidrive SP

To Commander C & Unidrive M

Upgrading SK / SP to Commander C & Unidrive M

We’re committed to providing the very best adjustable speed drives for every application, and with our general purpose VSDs we make no exception. We designed each VSD  or VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) in our range to be suitable for purpose, backed by in depth customer research.

This means we offer the most basic  AC motor control found on simple conveyors, as well as solving the world’s most complex motor control problems. 

Upgrade to Control Techniques new range of general purpose and industrial AC variable speed drives: Commander C and Unidrive M.

Different applications

Commander C was designed to serve the advanced requirements for a wide range of applications. The new variable speed drive was created as a compact AC motor speed controller, very intuitive and user friendly, with a simple setup menu of just 3 steps.

The Commander C family comprises of two drives that helps you maximize productivity while keeping operating costs down.

Different needs

Unidrive M’s design is based on the success and popularity of Unidrive SP and Commander SK, and incorporates market-leading technologies. We have tailored the Unidrive M industrial drives to specific application needs identified within industries, such as printing, rubber and plastics or water and wastewater.

The Unidrive M family comprises six drives - giving customers greater choice when selecting a suitable product for their application.


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