Azionamenti a controllo vettoriale ad alte prestazioni NE200 e NE300

Prestazioni di controllo e adattabilità eccezionali

NE200 e NE300

Da 0.4KW a 900KW
0 - 550Hz

**Disponibile unicamente nella regione Asia Pacific**

Caratteristiche principali dell’azionamento NE

✓ Semplice, affidabile, facile da usare
✓ Prestazioni di controllo eccezionali
✓ Grande adattabilità
✓ Ottimizzazione della progettazione EMC, immunità per ambienti con elevata interferenza
✓ Design compatto, basato sulla progettazione e sulla simulazione termica per ridurre le dimensioni del prodotto
✓ Ottimo rapporto prezzo-prestazioni

  • Specifications
    Rated power/ frequency NE200-2Sxxxx: 1-phase 200V ~ 240V; 50Hz/60Hz
    NE200-4Txxxx: 3-phase 380V ~ 440V; 50Hz/60Hz  
    Voltage range NE200-2Sxxxx: 176V ~ 264V; Voltage unbalance degree: < 3% ; permissible frequency fluctuation: ±5%
    NE200-4Txxxx: 304V ~ 456V; Voltage unbalance degree: < 3% ; permissible frequency fluctuation: ±5%
    Voltage range NE200-2Sxxxx: 0 ~ 200V/440V; NE200-4Txxxx: 0 ~ 380V/440V
    Overload capacity Type G: 150% rated current 1min, 180% rated current 20s
    Type P: 120% rated current 1min, 150% rated current 1s
    Control features
    Control mode Vector control with PG(VC)
     Vector control without PG(SVC) V/F control
    Startup torque ----
    0.5Hz 150% 1.5Hz 150%
    Speed adjustable range
    ---- 1:100
    Speed stabilisation precision
    ± 0.2%
    ± 0.5%
    Torque control
    Torque precision
    ---- ± 10%
    Torque response time
    Product functions
    Key functions Torque/speed control mode switching, Multi-function input/ output terminals, under voltage regulation, AC operation grounding switching, torque limit, multi step operation, slip compensation, PID regulation, simple PLC, current control, manual/ automatic torque boost, current limit, AVR function.
    Frequency setup Keypad, terminal Up/Down, Communication, Analogue input AI1/AI2

    Output frequency 0.00 ~ 550.0Hz
    Startup frequency 0.00 ~ 60.00Hz
    Acc/Dec time 0.01 ~ 3600.0s
    Dynamic braking 400V drive: braking unit action voltage: 650 ~ 750V;
    200V drive: braking unit action voltage: 360 ~ 390V;
    DC injection braking DC braking activation frequency: 0.00 ~ 550.0Hz
    DC braking current: G type 0.0 ~ 100.0%; P type 0.0 ~ 80.0%
    DC braking time: 0.0 ~ 30.0s; Quick DC brake activation without lag time
    Magnetic flux braking Fast deceleration through adding motor magnetic flux
    Unique functions
    Parameter cloning Parameter upload, download. User can forbid the overwriting of the uploaded parameters.
    Protection function
    Power undervoltage/overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, IGBT protection, heatsink overheat protection, drive overload protection, motor overload protection, External devices faults protection, output phase-to-phase short-circuit protection, Abnormal power failure in running, power supply trip, output phase loss, EEPROM trip, Analogue input trip, communication trip, version compatibility trip, cloning trip, hardware overload protection.
    Application environment Vertical installation in well ventilated cabinet. Horizontal or other installation are forbidden. The cooling medium is air. Free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil mist, steam, and water drop.
    Ambient temperature -10 ~ +40°C, deration is required from 40 to 50°C, rated output current decreasing 1% per 1°C temperature higher

    Humidity 5 ~ 95% without condensation
    Altitude 0 ~ 2000m, deration is required for more than 1000 meters, at rated output current decreasing 1% per 100m higher
    Vibration 3.5mm, 2 ~ 9Hz; 10 m/s², 9~  200Hz; 15 m/s², 200 ~ 500Hz
    Storage temperature -40 ~ +70°C
    Protection level IP20  
    Cooling Fan air cooling
  • Applications
    motor control of pumps ventilators and compressors with general purpose variable speed drives
    Pumping, Ventilating & Compressing
    • Improved energy efficiency during periods of low demand
    • On board PLC & PID functionalities make advanced control easy and efficient without the need of an external controller
    • Skip Frequencies allow users to easily avoid equipment resonant frequencies, reducing high vibration levels
    general purpose drives for accurate remote speed control of conveyor belts
    • S-ramp acceleration / deceleration profiling provides smooth speed transitions minimizing machine jerk
    • Overload capacity up to 180% to add stability
    • Avoids early wear and tear of the equipment
    general purpose drives for stable motor control for processing mixers kneaders agitators extruders
    Processing (Mixers, Kneaders, Crushers, Agitators, Centrifuges, Extruders)
    • Ease of integration to external PLC or other management systems through powerful networking options
    • Conformal coating for enhanced environmental protection
    • Overload capacity up to 180%
    • Highly stable motor control
  • Options & Accessories
    LED Keypad
    Order Code
    Drive Model
    Additional I/O
    Optional card Order code Terminal Description
    Drive model
    I/O extension card NE30-I/O Lite
    Multi-function input 6 (to PLC)
    NE300 whole series
    Multi-function input 7 (to PLC)
    Multi-function input 8 (to PLC)
    Multi-function output Y2 (to COM)
    Relay output 2
    PLC common end (to PLC)
    Analogue output 2 (0 ~ 10V, 0/4 ~ 20mA selectable)
    Analogue output common end
    NE30-I/O Relay
    Relay output 2
    NE300 whole series
    Analogue output 2 (0 ~ 10V, 0/4 ~ 20mA selectable)
    Analogue output common
  • Downloads
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