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Servo & Robotics

In industrial automation (textile, printing, packaging etc.), robots are used to handle various processes ensuring precise and high quality of production. 

They are designed in such a way that they are able to move raw material or products from one point to another at different speeds. Pick objects from any random point and place it where we want them to be. So, while doing this the speed and position must be precisely controlled. This can be achieved by using servo motors and drives.
The other advantage to use the servo motor and drive systems is the ability to control the torque in any application.

Thus, servo drive systems are the ideal choice to control load still and smooth the operations.

Our ability to provide servo drive systems customized to our customers' needs and machines has resulted in servo systems that are efficient and performant allowing manufacturing more parts in less time, while minimizing scrap, increasing quality and improving the working environment. 

All our systems (servo motors, brakes, sensors, gears and servo drives) are being tested so that they are seamlessly integrated together, limiting the motor loss and consequently the robot heating. They also offer safety to users allowing them to be next to the operations without any risks.

Being compact and stiff, our systems are the right solutions to provide more dynamic and precise control for any of your automation applications. 

Products for the servo & robotics industry :

Unimotor fm

Servo Motors

Unimotor servo motors deliver maximum performance for both continuous duty and pulse duty servo applications.
With a stall torque range from 0.72 to 136 Nm and a wide choice of options and accessories, the Unimotor range can be configured to meet your specific requirements.


Dynabloc Geared Servo Motors

Our Dynabloc geared servo motor range combines low and standard backlash Dynabloc gearboxes with high-performance Unimotor servo motors to provide a complete servo solution, when paired with our Unidrive M and Digitax ST drives.


Customized Servo Motors

To complement our standard servo ranges, we offer custom-built solutions for direct drive and low voltage applications. These motors are designed in line with specific customer requirements to ensure a perfect fit with existing systems and hardware and to optimize performance for the intended working environment.

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