Large AC Motors

Large AC motors drive customer systems with cost-saving efficiency

Nidec Motor Corporation has built a reputation for crafting high-quality motors and drive systems that provide solutions for customer requirements. Large AC motors must meet a high bar in providing dependability and durability to face the demands set before them. Our large AC motors can stand up to the tough environments seen in the commercial, industrial, forestry, mining, steel, pulp and paper, wastewater or other fields that use them. Whether you require one of our stock motors or wish to order a customized motor designed by our first-class engineering teams, you can depend on us.



Our LEROY-SOMER™ brand first kicked into gear in 1919 when it was established by Marcellin Leroy in France. In the following decades, this brand developed a track record of producing quality alternators, drive systems, and motors. Customers in search of large AC motors that can save them money in efficiency costs and reduced maintenance downtime need look no further than LEROY-SOMER for the dependability they require.



The U.S. MOTORS® brand thrives on engineering motor and drive solutions customized to precise customer specifications in addition to a variety of stock motors. This brand has been driving customer products since it originated in 1908. Our name is trusted across an array of industries to supply top-notch products like large AC motors and drive systems. In the market to save money in energy costs and maintenance fees? You need look no further than an efficient U.S. MOTORS large AC motor.