Servo Motors

Servo motors that provide precise control and superior dynamic performance

Servo motors provide precise control and positioning, and they also offer many distinct advantages for the applications in which they are used. They deliver a high level of output power compared to their size, high levels of efficiency and high torque-to-inertia ratios. They also enjoy cooler temperatures and quiet operation even at high speeds. You can trust Nidec Motor Corporation to fulfill your servo motor requirements. We offer many top-notch servomotors under a variety of brands, and our innovative engineering teams take pride in customizing solutions for a variety of unique specifications.



Our CONTROL TECHNIQUES™ brand is known for its wide range of servo motors featuring many choices to suit a variety of requirements. Many of the CONTROL TECHNIQUES brand servomotors provide compact size with high torque ratings and are especially well-suited for dynamic applications. Our servo motors are highly configurable and have multiple feedback options.



In 1950, the HURST® brand established itself as a family-owned tool shop in Princeton, Indiana. Since then, three generations have carried on the HURST brand’s tradition of innovative and reliable motors. Now under the Nidec Motor Corporation umbrella, this brand provides cost-effective but high-performing brushless DC servo motors for various markets that include computer and medical applications. HURST brand motors continue designing solutions for customer requirements and delivering first-class precision motors.



The LEROY-SOMER™ brand has been revolutionizing the motor industry since its founding in France in 1919. This brand features a full range of both AC servo motors and geared servo motors, all of which are recognized for high performance and durability. Customers love the superior dynamic performance, high power density and precise motion control of our servomotors. You can depend on these motors to keep your critical processes rolling reliably onward.


The Nidec Motion Control Group can engineer custom servo motor solutions for high volume customers utilizing the entire Nidec platform, including Nidec-SHIMPO servo motors.

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