Designing the innovative, high efficiency and lightweight propulsion solutions to support our customers with highly reliable and air-worthy certified products. Leveraging Nidec's experience with high volume and best cost motor manufacturing footprint. Our purpose is to support the aerospace industry's endeavor to become environmentally sustainable. Join us!



Our Electric Propulsion Systems, the pinnacle of aerospace engineering, combine high efficiency with a lightweight design to meet the diverse needs of modern air mobility. Meticulously crafted to exceed stringent reliability and safety standards, these systems are ideal for a range of applications, from urban air mobility to traditional aerospace vehicles.

Axial Flux Motors

Axial Flux motors are at the forefront of motor technology, offering exceptional efficiency with a compact, lightweight design that delivers more power per kilogram than traditional motors. Ideal for drones, eVTOLs, and other compact air vehicles, their high-torque, low-weight characteristics make them a game-changer in electric aviation.

Radial Flux Motors

The Radial Flux motor is a time-tested, robust, and reliable design, highly versatile and widely applicable in various aerospace applications. Balancing power, efficiency, and size, these motors are ideal for a wide range of air mobility solutions, particularly well-suited for larger aircraft that require dependable and consistent power output.