Manned Aircraft

Manned electric aircraft, encompassing eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing), eSTOL (Electric Short Take-Off and Landing), and eCTOL (Electric Conventional Take-Off and Landing) vehicles, are at the forefront of this aviation revolution. These aircraft are set to redefine urban mobility, offering cleaner, quieter, and more efficient travel. Below, you can learn more about these innovative aircraft. Nidec Aerospace is ready to meet all electric motor demands for any of these models with our line of products or customized solutions developed according to each customer's needs.

Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft are poised to revolutionize urban transport. Offering vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, eVTOLs are perfect for congested cities, providing a new way to bypass traffic and reduce urban congestion.
Electric Short Take-Off and Landing aircraft bridge the gap between conventional and VTOL designs. They are ideal for short-range trips and can operate in smaller airports, bringing air travel to more remote areas with limited infrastructure.
Electric Conventional Take-Off and Landing aircraft bring the benefits of electric propulsion to traditional airplane designs. They promise to make regional and short-haul flights more sustainable, quieter, and cost-effective.
Custom Motors

Solutions for everything that spins and flies.

Our team is ready to develop new electric motor models for your flight applications. Contact us to learn about all the solutions Nidec Aerospace can provide to make your project a reality.