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AC Drives

Unidrive M
Unidrive M - AC Drives for Industry 0.33 hp – 4,200 hp (0.25 kW – 2.8 MW)

 Elevator Drives
   Powerdrive F300
 Commander C general purpose ac variable speed drives from Control Techniques  Commander C200 & C300 General Purpose Drives
Control Techniques DFS High Power Freestanding Drives
Drives Free Standing
Commander SK 80px
Commander SK - General Purpose AC Drive 0.33 hp – 200 hp (0.25 kW – 132 kW)
Unidrive SP Panel Mount - High Performance AC Drives 0.5 hp – 200 hp (0.37 kW – 132 kW)
Unidrive SP Modular - High Power Modular AC Drive 60 hp – 2,900 hp (45 kW – 1.9 MW)
Unidrive SP Free Standing - Higher Power Performance AC Drive 125 hp – 2,450 hp (90 kW – 1.6 MW)

 Servo Drives and Motors

Digitax HD – Compact Pulse Duty Servo Drives (200V and 400V | 1.5A – 16A rms)
Digitax ST - 230 V and 460 V Pulse Duty Servo Drives Systems (1.7 A – 8.0 A rms)
unidrive m700 ac servo drive from control techniques
Unidrive M700 in Servo Mode - Continuous Duty Servo Drive Systems 1.0 - 4,200 hp (0.75 kW – 2.8 MW)
Epsilon EP - 200v Compact 1.5 Axis Servo Drive (2.2 - 16.0 A rms)
Unimotor hd - Pulse Duty Servo Motor (0.72Nm - 85.0Nm)
Unimotor fm - Continuous Duty Servo Motor (0.72Nm - 136Nm)

DC Drives

Mentor MP - High performance 3Ø DC Package (45 A – 700 A)
 fxmp25 FXMP25 - DC field controller (up to 25 A)


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