Superseded AC Drives

Control Techniques AC Drives that are no longer in volume production

AC Drives Superseded Products

Service and Repair

These pages contain information on support for older Control Techniques products that are no longer in volume production. While these may not be available new, it is possible that we can still repair and service some of them. If repair is not an option consider upgrading to current solutions. 

Contact your local Control Techniques Service Center

AC Drives Upgrade

To enjoy the benefits Control Techniques' latest range of solutions, see the upgrade information below to find the appropriate current product. Upgrading provides longer term reliability and performance enhancements. If you are unsure what product you have, see our Visual Reference Guide in our Upgrade Assistance section.

The following table provides a summary of the recommended upgrade path:

Superseded Products Current Products

AccuSpeed / ACE30 / ACE40 / ADX / Affinity /

Commander GP20 / Commander GP / DigitAx / DynamAx / FP5-GP5 /

GP10 / High HP CDE / Large Vector / MX / SpindAx / 

Unidrive Classic /  Unidrive SP  / Vector / Vector BS (BookShelf) / VG10 /

VG7 / 

Unidrive M701


HVAC Drive H300

AC Eagle / ACE10 / ACE15 / ACE20 / ACX / Commander SE / 

Commander SK / Dinverter / Commander SL / Commander CDE / Commander CDE BS (Book Shelf)  

Commander CDI / Commander CDII / Commander CDS / Dominax / Eclipse

Horizon / IMO Jaguar / Laser / MicroVision / Patriot

Prism / S10 / C10 / CV10 / DCX

PC10 / PC3 / G3 / Commander VCD / Vision 1

Vision 2 / Vision 3

Unidrive M200

Varmeca / UD Modules



Click on the links below for data, documentation and software to support your superseded products:

Commander SE

AC Drives Superseded Products

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Unidrive Classic

AC Drives Superseded Products

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Download user guides and manuals for Commander SK

AC Drives Superseded Products

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