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General Purpose Variable Speed Drives from Control Techniques

We’re committed to providing the very best inverter drives for every application, and with our general purpose VSDs we make no exception. We designed each VSD or VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) in our range to be suitable for purpose, backed by in depth customer research. This means we offer the most basic AC motor control found on simple conveyors, as well as solving the world’s most complex motor control problems.

What is a General Purpose Variable Speed Drive?

General purpose VSDs make it possible to control the speed of a motor by varying the frequency and voltage of the signal going into the motor. They differ from high performance AC drives in two ways: 

1. Simple to setup variable speed drives 

Our variable speed drives for general purpose don’t require a specialist to install them. In fact, we designed them to be quickly installed with little or no training. Parameter settings are clearly labelled on the drive, and laid out on the keypad in a way that makes setup easy. For engineers working onsite, our webpage contain setup videos and fault diagnostics, to get you up and running in minutes. If you batch build, VSD setup takes seconds by using a backup adaptor (and 24 V). 

2. AC drive performance you can rely on 

If we’re talking world class motor control, then you’ll know that’s what we’re famous for. In simpler applications we understand you just need the right tool for the job. But still, it’s good to know that our general purpose AC drives work on the same technology as our flagship M700 series. That means you can say goodbye to site revisits; our drives are made to last. 

Unidrive M General Purpose Variable Speed Drives: The range

Control Techniques VSD for general purpose are available in the following models:  

  • Unidrive M200 – For when you need more flexibly. Enables communication with other devices via fieldbus or Ethernet communications. M201 models feature an on-board motor speed potentiometer.
  • Unidrive M300 – Further enhances AC drive possibilities. Includes an on-board safety feature, dual safe-torque off (STO).
  • Unidrive M400 – Adds an optional plain text multi-language LCD keypad to the functionality of the previous models.

General Purpose Variable Speed drives


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