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Drive Accessories

For more information on drive accessories not listed here for our Unidrive M, Powerdrive F300, HVAC Drive H300, Elevator drive E200/E300, Unidrive HS30/HS70 see our brochures:

Or click here for a brochure with options and accessories for Unidrive SP, Mentor MP, Quantum MP, Epsilon EP and MDS drive products. You will find additional data for all options and accessories including: interconnect components, CTNet drive network components, motion synchronization accessories, logic and I/O power supplies, line and load reactors, isolation transformers, input RFI filters and dynamic braking (DB) resistors.

Drive option modules

Control Techniques' core AC, DC and Servo drive product ranges utilize Option Modules to customize the drive's control and interfacing functionality so that they exactly match application needs. For more information not found in the following product pages; refer to our Unidrive M Options brochure for more on SI-Option Modules or our SM-Option Modules brochure for Unidrive SP, Mentor MP, Quantum MP, drive products utilizing SM-Options Modules.

Safely and securely snapped in

Option Modules are housed in a protective case that allows them to be quickly and easily snapped into a drive without the need for tools. Once in, they are held firmly in place by latches that require a positive action to release.

High speed updates

Option Modules have high speed access to the complete drive parameter set enabling time-critical functions such as high speed updates for speed or position. The system can also facilitate active monitoring of the drive system's health through trending key variables such as heat-sink temperature or current overload.

Programmable automation and motion control options

MCi200 Machine Controller

Machine Control Studio development enables sectional machine...

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SI-Application Plus Module

SyPT Pro application controller for existing infrastructure

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MCi210 Machine Control

executes programs to control multiple drives and motors

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SM Applications Lite V2

User programmable logic and motion control module

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SM Applications Plus

high performance programmable motion control

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SM EZmotion

a Power Tools Pro software module

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SM Register

high performance solution for programmable motion

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Communications Option Modules

SI CANopen

CiA DSP-402 compliant motion profiles and operation modes

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DeviceNet connectivity for I/O and axis following

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EtherCAT communications for synchronous applicatons

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EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and Real-Time Motion Over Ethernet

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PROFIBUS DP interface for follower connectivity

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PROFINET RT real-time communication interface

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Allows the development of customer CAN protocols

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Supports various profiles include several drive profiles

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SM-DeviceNET Option Module

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Follower option module for high-performance servo applications

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SM Ethernet

has a built-in web server that can generate emails

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SM-Interbus Option Module Interface

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interface for building automation applications

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PROIBUS DP interface with support for a PROFIdrive profile

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industrial network protocol adapting Ethernet hardware and...

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SERCOS interface supporting various profiles

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Modbus RTU communcation for Unidrive M200 - M400

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CI 485 Adaptor

Optional adaptor providing RS485 communications, Unidrive M400...

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Modbus RTU communication for Unidrive M700 & M702

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FM-3E Programming Module

Programming function module

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Advanced programming function module

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