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Control Techniques Connect Software

Based on Control Techniques’ 25 years experience, Connect software is our latest drive configuration tool for commissioning, optimizing and monitoring drive/system performance.Connect Software Commissioning tool

Features of Connect Software

Its development draws from extensive user research, using human centered design principals to give the ultimate user experience:

  • Fast task based commissioning and easy maintenance of the Unidrive M & Commander C general purpose drives family is simplified via familiar Windows interface;
  • Intuitive graphical tools enhance and simplify user experience;
  • For experienced users, dynamic drive logic diagrams and enhanced searchable listings are present;
  • Drive and motor performance can be optimized with minimal specialized drive knowledge;
  • Tool is scalable to match application requirements;
  • Supports the import of Unidrive SP parameter files and allows full drive cloning (i.e. parameter sets and application program);
  • Multiple simultaneous comms channels for a more complete overview of the system;
  • Drive discovery gives the ability to find drives on a network automatically without the user having to specify their addresses;
  • Automatic RTU baud rate scanning on the Unidrive M drives which have a 485 connection.

  • Specifications

    System requirements:

    • Windows XP SP3
    • Windows Vista SP2
    • Windows 7 SP1
    • Windows 8

    Installation notes:

    • Should an older version of this tool be present please uninstall first. Note, if you have CT Soft installed, it should not be removed as this is still used to setup older products.
    • The supported OS’s are Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3
    • Please check with your supplier for updates as this application will start displaying an update warning in March 2013.
    • During installation you may get two warnings about drivers "Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software". These are the drivers for the CTNet hardware (USB/PCI cards). It is safe to install these, though if you have no intention of ever using CTNet networking then you could choose not to. Connect Software does not support CTNet.
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