Process Management Software

Control Techniques Drives - Power PlantWeb®

Process Management Software

By using a Control Techniques variable frequency drive in the PlantWeb® environment, process control engineers can employ a complete digital control strategy enabling functionality such as real-time control, predictive diagnostics, quick drive commissioning and easy system troublingshooting.

Control Techniques supports two new PlantWeb® solutions: DeltaV module templates and AMS Device Manager. 

  • DeltaV

    The DeltaV V11 now has Out-of-Box Control Templates designed to work with Control Techniques drives over ProfiBus DP or DeviceNet Networks.

    These templates enables quick installation of Control Techniques products into the DeltaV process control architecture, provides diagnostic data from via digital networks without DST price penalty, provides a graphical faceplate to monitor critical process data, and best of all it is guaranteed to work first time, every time.

  • AMS

    The new EDDL modules allow easy interface with AMS Device Manager, the best-in-class commissioning and diagnostic software. With AMS, users can detect plant equipment problems before they occur, reducing or eliminated unwanted down time. "Guided Setup” methods can be used to configure the drive for their intended application such as fan, pumps, or compressors.

    The digital interface provides real-time information on control performance and PlantWeb alerts giving operators timely information to make informed decisions.


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