High Voltage

6000 - 15,000 V range

High Voltage AC Generators

Kato Engineering high voltage generators range from 6000 - 15,000 V.

Our specially-designed insulation system used on these generators guarantees high opposition to chemicals and moisture and a long generator life.

We offer the following specifications:

Power Rating: 750 kW - 25 MW

Frequency: 60 Hz or 50 Hz, three phase

Speed: @ 50/60 Hz: 1500/1800 RPM, 1000/1200 RPM, 750/900 RPM, 600/720 RPM

Rotor and stator insulation: Class F or Class H with 100% solids epoxy resin vacuum-pressure impregnation (VPI)

Efficiency: 88% to 97% depending on kW rating, operating speed and voltage.

Enclosures: Open drip proof is standard, with the following options available:

Standards & certifications available

Design features

Construction features

To find out more, please contact us at:

KatoEngineering@mail.nidec.com or 507-625-4011

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