Electric Forklifts

The world-leading manufacturer of very low-voltage motors, LEROY-SOMER uses its expertise to motorise counterbalance stackers with retractable masts, as well as pallet trucks and fork-lift trucks.

Global presence
With sites on every continent, LEROY-SOMER has created an international network, enabling us to meet the expectations of the largest international manufacturers of electric trucks.

Industrial know-how
With its high-level engineering teams, LEROY-SOMER designs and manufactures bespoke special products, adapted to the traction, lifting and rotational movements of electric trucks. LEROY-SOMER's industrial capacity is ideally suited to meeting manufacturers’ requirements for competitive pricing and good service. Our high-efficiency solutions with high specific output power offer customers significant advantages in terms of compactness and autonomy.

Choice of technologies
With a unrivalled portfolio of technologies, D.C. solutions, asynchronous solutions and permanent magnet synchronous motor solutions, LEROY-SOMER is the ideal partner for your projects. Thanks to its cutting-edge tools and methods, in both electrical engineering and electromagnetism, LEROY-SOMER is already developing the solutions of the future, to boost your competitiveness.

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