Robotics Motors

Precision motors and gearing for industrial robot arms

Motors to drive all types of industrial robot arms

They are driving the new industrial revolution – robotic arms. Industrial robots are everywhere and will only become more important. Industrial robot arms require tough precision motors engineered for accuracy and long life. The Nidec Motion Control Group’s access to the world’s largest pool of motor, gear and encoder engineers makes us uniquely qualified to design the exacting motors your robotic arms require.

 robot arm motor

As the world’s largest electric motor manufacturer, Nidec expertise extends to a vast array of motor types, including the precision motors required for robotics. Whether you need a Brushless DC motor, a stepper motor or a servo motor, you can be assured that the network of engineers available to the Nidec Motion Control Group will design the robot motor that fits the exacting specifications of your unique application.

 Frameless Motor

As part of our complete drive system for robotic applications Nidec offers FLEXWAVE® brand harmonic strain wave gearing. The Nidec FLEXWAVE is a very compact harmonic gear reduction mechanism that achieves zero backlash, as well as exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

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