Harbour Cranes

Leroy-Somer is responding to the requirements of both operators and manufacturers of harbour cranes with its global multi-technology offer ranging from power generation to motorisation of crane movements.

Power generation and variable speed
To reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, Leroy-Somer offers a high-performance range for variable speed power generation:

  • The RIS.GA electronic AVR can be used to control the voltage for auxiliary equipment powered by a rotating set.It is particularly suitable for the demands of retrofit projects since it can be directly integrated in existing cabinets.
  • Permanent magnet generators and variable speed alternators ensure optimal power generation.
  • Regenerative drives can be used to restore energy directly to the grid during braking phases affecting the main types of movement:hoisting, displacement, and also braking of cable winders.

Variable speed applications
Leroy-Somer offers a complete range of motors, geared motors and brake motors.These drive mechanisms are available in high-efficiency asynchronous and very high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous versions, in combination with drives capable of managing all the movements made by a crane.

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