Leroy-Somer offers solutions that meet the demands of this business sector, where loads have to be driven at precise speeds or high operating rates without compromising safety.

In partnership with the world leaders in the profession, LEROY-SOMER develops geared brake motor solutions which are an ideal replacement for conventional backstop geared motors, to maximise the safety of installations.

Save money on operating costs
Taking account of the specific application characteristics, such as balancing and tilting of the conveyor belt, LEROY-SOMER offers easily interchangeable drive solutions which can withstand severe operating conditions, such as humidity, shocks and vibrations: geared motors with or without a brake, gearboxes, induction motors, variable speed solutions. In addition, by combining a gearbox and a motor with the new permanent magnet technology, LEROY-SOMER is committed to significantly reducing energy bills.

Rapid repairs
LEROY-SOMER will make immediate repairs. This is possible thanks to our unique guaranteed availability service from factories and Assembly and Distribution Centres, which provide technical advice, on-site support and repair or modernisation of existing drive mechanisms.

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