Oil & Gas

Approved by the major players in the Oil & Gas supply chain: producers, refiners, construction companies and consultants, LEROY-SOMER offers its expertise in drive system and power generation solutions.

Oil & Gas expertise
Based on our in-depth knowledge of fuel extraction, processing and transportation applications, LEROY-SOMER offers solutions dedicated to industrial installations and equipment:

  • Offshore installations including fixed platforms (wellheads, processes, living quarters, etc) and floating storage platforms (FPSO/FRSU)

  • Onshore installations including wellheads, processes, refineries, as well as liquefaction and gasification terminals

  • Transportation equipment such as compression stations for pipelines and LNG carriers for laying tubes and cables

  • Reliable and efficient Artificial Lift equipment
    • Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs) customized solutions: Our unique ESP Variable Speed Drive solution combines Active Front End technology, optimized output sine filter and step-up transformer to overcome problems associated with long cable lengths, signal quality to the submersible motor and interference due to numerous drives on the same mains supply.

    • Highly efficient and robust Reciprocating Rod Pumps (RRP) solutions: we can provide maintenance-free fixed and variable speed solutions for RRP applications, tailored for the specific requirements of each well. Our Dyneo® permanent magnet technology solutions will ensure you significant energy saving

    • Flexible Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) solutions: Our safe PCP package, including AFE technology, common DC Bus, guarantee ATEX certification by keeping the frame temperature within safe limits but also enhance the system longevity. For increased reliability, we propose robust lightweight motor solution

Regulatory requirements and technical specifications
LEROY-SOMER designs drive systems that comply with all the international standards (IEC, NEMA, etc) and meet the requirements of the major order placers: limited current surges, high efficiency, dual nameplate, compartmentalised terminal box, auxiliary terminal box, anti-corrosion protection, etc.

An approved, certified network of Service Centres undertakes repairs and maintenance of products for potentially explosive atmospheres: increased safety, non-sparking, flameproof.

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