Flexibility and optimum performance for printing

Innovative solutions for printing that optimize flexibility and performance

Our company has been involved with industrial printing for many years and understands the challenges that this rapidly evolving industry faces whether using digital or traditional methods. Our innovative and customized printing solutions focus on developing high quality applications that deliver more flexibility, higher speed and lower cost.

High end features that drive printing possibilities

Our automation solutions provide the high performance and advanced motion control required to achieve the speed and flexibility demanded. Industry standard IEC 61131-3 programming over high speed and reliable Ethernet and fieldbus communications encourages innovation and provides easy integration with printing plant controls and management systems. 
As a result, our equipment drives many of the industry’s leading printing machines including digital, flexographic and gravure. Also, our efficient print applications significantly reduce energy usage, the number of system components and production waste, lowering overall operational costs.

Global expertise and support available locally

Our global network provides local expertise to design innovative solutions and ensure you get the best possible performance from your printing machine. We can provide anything from a single drive or motor up to a fully engineered electronic turn-key printing solution. There is dedicated support for both OEM and end users where we can help optimize your machines and ensure trouble-free operation. User-friendly documentation also promotes easy system programming, implementation and trouble-shooting, while training in all related technologies is also available either on site or at our local sales office.

Customized services to ensure optimized throughput

We offer fully customized services to meet your needs in sustaining maximum print machine performance. These can range from  preventive and proactive maintenance, ensuring equipment operates optimally throughout its lifetime, with support for changing requirements, to guaranteed exceptional response to emergency situations with round the clock support. Whether you need help with installation, commissioning, fine-tuning, compliance or safety, local expert support means we are always on hand to help.
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