Water / Waste Treatment

Strongly committed to the search for environmentally-friendly solutions, LEROY-SOMER is a major player in the water and waste treatment supply chain.

Solutions for the whole process
LEROY-SOMER designs drive mechanisms suitable for the whole water treatment process, whether for primary or secondary treatment, with fixed or variable-speed motors and geared motors.

Equally expert in waste treatment, LEROY-SOMER offers drive solutions for mechanised sorting centres and thermal recovery facilities, such as variable-speed drive mechanisms for ventilation, alternators for steam turbines and geared motors for mechanisation of unrecyclable waste processing.

Optimising the Life Cycle Cost
LEROY-SOMER designs products and services to optimise the cost over the entire life cycle and reduce the environmental impact. High-efficiency motors, variable speed solutions and new magnet technologies significantly reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to reducing energy bills.

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