Wind Turbines

Leroy-Somer has developed its expertise in electrical rotating machines serving the wind turbine industry since the mid-1980s to design and manufacture synchronous or asynchronous high power generators (up to 5 MW).

Its research center in France designs for its customers machines specially adapted to their needs by focusing on the compact design and performance.

To support its customers in different regions, Leroy-Somer has set up factories in Eastern Europe, China, India and North America. Each site has the capability of producing identical Leroy Somer generators and to guarantee the quality.

In addition to generators, Leroy-Somer is also a major player in the design and manufacture of tower crane guidance systems. This expertise, combined with the wealth of experience, explains the growing share of Leroy-Somer motors in specific applications for auxiliary turbine blades, the nacelle "pitch" and "yaw" , nacelle ventilation generator cooling and the speed multiplier lubrication pump.

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