Commander ID300

Commander ID300

Commander ID300

Integrated drive solution for IMfinity® motors
0.25kW to 7.5kW

Combined with our IMfinity® induction motors, the Commander ID300 drive features a control and protection algorithm for an optimized operation. The motor and drive perfectly match with our FFB brake, and 3000 gearbox ranges.

  • Advantages

    • ​Decentralized drive system combining performances and reliability to meet the requirements of Process, Manufacturing and Intra Logistics applications.

    • Thanks to the onboard safety features, your machines and users are protected (2 Safe Torque Off - SIL3 / Ple – TUV certified)

    • The system offers high dynamic performance and a higher level of energy efficiency than the IES2 system classification.

    • Flexible and modular, it includes many options and features (PLC, application preset configuration, intuitive consoles, field bus etc.)

    • Easy to use, its interfaces allow quick access for commissioning and diagnostics​


  • Main characteristics
    Power supply frequency Hz 45 to 66
    Frame size mm 71 to 132
    Ingress protection IP 55 (IP65 on demand)
    Number of poles 2 and 4
    Power kW 0.25 to 7.5
    Voltage V 3-ph: 200 to 480 1-ph: 200 to 230
  • Downloads
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