Gear Motors

AC gear motors simplify design to deliver cost-saving and long-lasting products

As the largest electric motor company in the world, Nidec develops innovative AC gear motors that keep customer products running efficiently and reliably. Our AC gearmotors are designed to be long-lasting and cost-effective.

Gearmotors feature gears that are combined into one unit with an AC or DC electrical motor. They can usually be found in applications that require a great deal of force for handling heavy loads. The majority of industrial gearmotors utilize AC motors; although certain applications, especially automotive, use DC motors. Some of the key advantages to using AC gear motors include:

  • Efficiency. A high level of torque can be delivered at low speeds, translating to extra force.

  • Simplicity. The need to separately design and implement motors with gears is simplified into one step.

  • Cost-savings. Engineering and manufacturing costs are reduced thanks to the simplified design and implementation.

  • Prolonged life. By combining the gear and motor into one unit, the unit’s life is prolonged and operates at an optimal level.

 Nidec Motion Gear Motors and Gearing


Our HURST® brand has been supplying outstanding motors since 1950, when a small family tool shop opened in Princeton, Indiana. In the more than 65 years since, the Hurst brand has continued to create precision motors and other products our customers depend on. You can find several quality AC gear motors offered by this innovative brand. Additionally, our engineers can design customer-specific applications in the event you want the renowned Hurst brand quality in a package customized to your exact requirements.



Our MERKLE-KORFF™ brand – which has developed many commercial, consumer and industrial products since 1911 – offers quality AC gearmotors that provide customers with flexibility to meet demanding specifications. All MERKLE-KORFF brand AC gear motors feature custom windings, gear ratios and various accessories to fit customer specifications. These products are often used in applications like conveyor toasters, X-ray equipment, pumps, ingredient motors, water softeners, vending machines, food and restaurant equipment, amusement devices and security systems – just to list a few. Our engineering teams can also customize a MERKLE-KORFF brand system to meet customer requirements.


For large OEM customers, our Nidec Motion Group can engineer custom solutions from any of our Nidec companies, including Nidec SHIMPO FLEXWAVE harmonic gear units