HVAC - RESCUE motors

HVAC - RESCUE motors make unexpected replacements a breeze

RESCUE® permanent replacement condenser fan and direct drive blower motors ensure contractors always have the right motor on hand to get the job done.  RESCUE motors are easily installed and replace a variety of different horsepower applications eliminating the need for temporary substitutions, extra drive time back to the wholesaler and emergency openings in the evening.

  • Multi-horsepower rated
  • All angle mounting
  • Flex mounting with Kit 44
  • Belly band mounting with Kit 17
  • Resilient mount utilizing 2.5" hub rings
  • Exclusive Rheem and Ruud side shell holes
  • Extended studs
  • Quiet bearing system

The RESCUE line of HVAC motors is part of the U.S. MOTORS® brand product family.  Ask for RESCUE, the motor which has earned first place in the market as The Ultimate Truck Stock Motor™.

  • RESCUE Truck Stock

    Easy-to-install ECM aftermarket constant torque blower motors for OEM replacement

    RESCUE® SELECT® Truck Stock is a universal high-efficient EC motor designed as a drop-in replacement. These intuitive motors match airflow targets across all major OEM brands and can be programmed at the supplier to +/- 3% of the original performance in less than 90 seconds, eliminating the need to wait for an OEM brand.

    Generic replacement motor manufacturers use maximum horsepower as the highest torque point and then assume the amount of torque needed for each succeeding point on the five taps offered. This guesswork often eliminates the unit’s energy efficiency.  For example, in the 1/2 HP size alone there are more than 625 different OEM profiles, each tap with a different speed/HP program.

    From the U.S. MOTORS® brand product family, RESCUE Select Truck Stock is your pre-programmed solution out of the box that saves both time and money.

    Replaces X13®† and SelecTech® constant torque ECM motors:

    • Pre-Programmed solution out of the box
    • Programmable in the field using Bluetooth®† app and K33B tool
    • Easy to install
    • 6000V surge protection
    • Fully potted electronic module
    • Motor and module technology creates smooth, quiet speed changes
    • Two-year warranty
    • 3 sizes: 1, 3/4 and 1/2-1/3 HP
    • 115 or 208-230 Volts

    RESCUE Select Truck Stock

  • RESCUE EcoTech

    The high-efficiency ECM upgrade for PSC blower motors

    The RESCUE EcoTech® motor is an ECM replacement for a PSC blower. Exclusive speed-control technology provides the efficiency of an ECM. Installation is a snap. RESCUE EcoTech drops into existing permanent split capacitor (PSC) direct drive blower applications, without complex wiring modifications or time-consuming changes to system controls.

    Electronically Controlled Motor (ECM) technology gives RESCUE EcoTech motors up to 82% efficiency, saving 25% or more of the watts in A/C or heating mode and 75% of the watts in circulation mode. Updated designs are now dual voltage (115/230V) and multi-horsepower; so one size – or at most two – will fit all your needs.

    RESCUE Ecotech

  • RESCUE MOJAVE - For extreme conditions

    The RESCUE MOJAVE® motor is ideal in areas where extreme temperatures put extra stress on condensing units and the condenser fan motors. Condensing units today are built to perform in ambient conditions up to 130°F. Equipped with automatic thermal protection, the RESCUE MOJAVE is designed for 70°C (158°F) ambient. With Class F insulation, MOJAVE motors are built to withstand extreme temperature conditions.  When you need that extra cushion of hot-weather performance, look to the U.S. MOTORS® brand to bring you the motor that’s at home in the desert – the MOJAVE motor.

    RESCUE Mojave

  • RESCUE EZ-Wire

    Extra-long 48" leads for easy wiring in today’s condensing units

    Featuring an 80° ambient design, the RESCUE EZ-WIRE permanent split capacitor condenser fan motor brings all the value you expect from the U.S. MOTORS® brand in clear, easy-to-view packaging. This totally enclosed air over motor features ball bearings for durability in high temperature applications and a special rotor corrosion protection that is designed for longer life and sure start-ups season after season.

    In addition, this easy-to-wire motor has a USA-made capacitor included. It also features simple connection, side shell holes and universal mounting. This product replaces ORM5458B.

    RESCUE EZ Wire

  • RESCUE EcoTech Outdoor

    RESCUE EcoTech condenser fan motors are developed to stand up to harsh environments and temperatures found in outdoor condenser units. The RESCUE EcoTech condenser fan motor provides the efficiencies required for high SEER air conditioning systems.

    The motor is designed with a line-start feature that allows for quicker installation with fewer components straight out of the box. The motor is programmed to match the rotation and speed most preferred by major equipment manufacturers and offers the flexibility for adjustment to speed and rotation.

    RESCUE Ecotech Outdoor

  • RESCUE Liberty - Made in the USA

    RESCUE® Liberty™ condenser fans and direct drive blower motors deliver all the premium features of a multi-horsepower motor. The versatility of this motor line eliminates the need for contractors to carry multiple motors, saving them time, space and money.

    RESCUE Liberty motors are American made – built in the Nidec manufacturing facility in Princeton, Indiana.*

    *NOTE: of domestic and imported components

    RESCUE Liberty


    RESCUE EZ-FIT® PSC condenser fan motors are designed for 70°C (158°F) ambient and Class F insulation (thermal endurance to over 300°F) and built to withstand extreme temperature conditions. RESCUE EZ-FIT features durable ball bearings for high temperature applications for longer life than traditional sleeve bearings. Handy 36" leads make for easier wiring into today’s condensing units. Plus, a special rotor corrosion protection helps ensure longer life and sure start-ups season after season.

    EZ-FIT’s Motor Mounting System

    This feature provides mounting versatility and offers out-of-the-box assembly with 4.3" BC (Clam Shell) mounting configuration. Easily adaptable to 3 Pc 4.4" or 4.6" BC. Plus, EZ-FIT’s mounting system protects the integrity of the shell against moisture pathways.



    Features user interface for speed control

    The RESCUE PerfectSpeed® EC motor is ideal for commercial ventilation and other air moving applications. A convenient LED display indicates RPM and percent of demand. Plus, the RESCUE PerfectSpeed can be powered by any line voltage from 115V-277V; no separate transformer is required.

    RESCUE Perfect Speed

  • RESCUE PERFECTSPEED Commercial Pump Duty

    EC motor, control and user interface

    The RESCUE PerfectSpeed® variable speed pump motor allows for improved hydraulic efficiency, quieter pump operation and longer pump life. Traditional commercial duty pumps run at only one speed – high speed. Most pumps are usually oversized for the application and rely on induction motor technologies, which are far less efficient than ECM technology.

    RESCUE Perfect Speed

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