Pool & Spa

High-efficiency, easy-to-install pool and spa motors that save money on energy

Reliable U.S. MOTORS® brand pool and spa motors make owning a pool or spa more fun with less worry. These hard-working pool and spa motors help keep chemicals balanced, water clean and filter efficiency maximized. They are also compliant with state and federal regulations.

Among the newest to the U.S. MOTORS line is the Affinity® variable speed pool pump motor and control. This high-efficiency motor is designed for quiet operation and features a built-in programmable user interface and timer with four custom flow settings having programmable max speed and priming cycle time. You just set it and forget it.

Distributors, you can recommend U.S. MOTORS brand pool and spa motors with confidence knowing they will provide years of trouble-free service. They're as simple to install as a single-speed pool motor and can save some homeowners up to 90% in utility costs, while meeting new state and federal regulations.
• Easy to install and program
• Save money on utility costs
• Designed for quiet operation
• Meet new DOE regulations

 Nidec pool motor featuring Aqua-Shield

U.S. MOTORS brand pool and spa motors feature Aqua-Shield, providing superior moisture resistance.