Touch Screens

Visualizing Excellence in Display-Based Technology Integration

Display-based touch panels — either standalone or integrated with other switching technologies — are quickly becoming the preferred HMI platform of choice among leading industrial designers and OEM’s. And the reasons are clear: Control panels incorporating displays and touch sensors increase efficiency, reduce production costs, and simplify communications between the end user and host device. Making the right choice for technology selection can be confusing, however, because of the number of unique, complex touch and display technologies available to address a specific application or market.

VIS can help. We have the expertise and experience to integrate display technologies to meet your technology, functionality, time-to-market, and cost expectations; or we can help guide you to the most suitable and appropriate solution for your end-use application and intended environment.

HMI technology integration is one of VIS’s greatest strengths, and with our design and engineering teams we’ll not only help you choose the right touch panel technologies, and we’ll also assist in integrating the complete package for your project. And depending on your requirements, we can also bond or laminate the display, cover glass/lens, and touch sensor together – especially for applications operating in harsh conditions inherent in medical and industrial environments.

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