Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Nidec Motor Corp is Major Venue Sponsor of the 2018 Japanese Festival

The Japanese Festival held at the Missouri Botanical Garden has been proudly celebrating the culture, history and people of Japan since 1977. Several local Japanese-American organizations collaborate with the Garden to successfully educate and entertain people with authentic Japanese art, dance, food, music and shows. Tens of thousands of people attend this event each year.

Nidec Motor Corporation is proud to be a major venue sponsor of the 2018 Japanese Festival held at the Missouri Botanical Garden over Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 1-3). We’re sponsoring every event held at the outdoor Cohen Amphitheater. Come check out some of the exciting shows like the Okashi Fashion and Cosplay Show, folk music and dancing from the St. Louis Okinawa Eisa group or choreographed drumming from the St. Louis Osuwa Taiko group.

There’s an entirely new event called Chindon-Ya from the Chindon Japan All-Stars that will be held at the Cohen Amphitheater as well – featuring a group of performers who will begin their parade at the venue and then continue throughout the Garden.  It’s the first year the festival has held something of its kind, which makes it even more exciting. Don’t miss out!



Scenes from 2017 Japanese Festival

Japanese Festival Pavillion

Japanese fest Eisa

Choreographed drumming from Osuwa Taiko group


Japanese Fest Okashi

Okashi Fashion and Cosplay Show