Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

Nidec Motor Corporation's employees embody "Passion, Enthusiasm, Tenacity"

One tenet of the Nidec Motor Corporation’s corporate philosophy is “Passion, Enthusiasm, Tenacity.” Our employees truly embody this creed – whether they’re engineers designing our motor and drive solutions, factory workers crafting those solutions, salespeople striving to supply our customers with the ideal product for their applications or any of the other staff members responsible for driving our dynamic company forward.

It would be easy enough for us to tell you how talented and enthusiastic our employees are for creating and supporting Nidec Motor Corporation products, but we’d far rather show you by letting their words speak for themselves. In this section, you’ll see employee testimonial spotlights featuring various employees talking about what drew them to work at Nidec – and more importantly, what keeps them working here.

If you read what our employees love about working at Nidec Motor Corporation and are convinced this is the place you want to be, please check out our current open positions to see if anything might be a good fit.

Business Coordinator - Kristy Bincaille 

Application Engineer - Taniza Haq