Printed Graphics and Overlays

Make Your Product Stand Out!

Often called Faceplates, Nameplates, Labels or Device Overlays, Graphic Overlays act as one of your customer's first impressions with your product and is often the first thing that you and your customers see when interacting with your product. It is the viewing surface that the customer interacts with when they use your product for the first time. Decorative in design, Graphic Overlays provide a sense of direction and functionality to the device and end product. Further, Graphic Overlays provide a sense of branding and promotion to your product, product family, and corporate identity. 


The design of your graphic overlay is critical, and VIS can help. Our designers understand how to maximize legibility, color matching, and materials selection to provide an optimized solution where quality, lead-times, and durability are incredibly important. Whether for product identification, signage, nameplates or laminated over switch assemblies, VIS's graphic overlays are made to the same precision and quality control measures as any of our state-of-the-art membrane switches!



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