Material handling

Material handling

Material handling covers a wide range of applications, all related to the necessity to move loads from one point to another, horizontally or vertically.

Whether you are dealing with a conveyor, or any other handling equipment, the flexibility and performance of our motor, gear, brake and drive technologies give you the freedom to create safer, faster and smoother solutions. Additionally, by providing highly efficient, reliable and modular products, we give the best answer to machinery availability challenge while minimizing energy consumption costs and the environmental impact.

Complete solutions and expertise:
In partnership with our customers and thanks to our long-term expertise in industrial, tower or port cranes applications, our products are developed to seamlessly integrate processes and provide you an optimized global solution. Our portfolio also offers you scalable and innovative software solutions so that you can program and set up your system easily and enable quick access to information. For an advanced control, our drives can integrate onboard PLC with real time task to execute a substantial range of logic programs.

Service & Express availability:
Nidec Leroy-Somer has created an international network of centres of expertise and service centres capable of offering you the sales support and technical assistance you need, 24/7 throughout the world. 

Express Availability offers high speed product delivery across Europe. The service helps customers avoid downtime and expand easily, while minimizing spares and stock requirements.

Products for the material handling industry:

Commander ID300

Commander ID300

Combined with our IMfinity® induction motors, the Commander ID300 drive features a control and protection algorithm for an optimized operation.

moteur ls lses

IMfinity® induction motors

Three-phase induction motors
IE3 - IE4 efficiency class, Aluminum, cast iron or steel housing
For fixed or variable speed

IP 55 or IP 23 - up to 1500 kW


Geared motors

Extended range of geared motors
Worm and wheel, helical, inline, parallel or orthogonal output up to 23 000 Nm

 moteur ls ffb

Brake induction motors

From 0.06 to 550 kW, Leroy-Somer brake induction motors are used for intermittent duty, emergency stops or for holding a device under load. They are designed to operate in normal or special environments.


 Miniature brochure gamme de moteurs frein

Brake motors range

Safety, reliability and wide range 0.06kW to 550 kW / 3 to 5000 N.m

 Miniature brochure imfinity EN IMfinity® range brochure

Three-phase induction motors, Efficiency IE3 - IE4 variable speed or fixed speed.
Aluminum, cast iron or steel housing, IP55 or IP23 - up to 1500 kW
 Miniature brochure Systemes dentrainement electromecaniques

Electromechanical drive systems

Worm and wheel, helical, bevel geared motors, inline, parallel or orthogonal output
10 to 23000 Nm



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