For more than 40 years, we have been working on new or retrofitted projects in the field of industrial & commercial refrigeration.

Reliable technologies with proven robustness
We have a wide range of products and services dedicated to refrigeration systems, accompanied by a certain know-how to increase your COP with a quick return on investment.
Our IE5 premium energy efficient permanent magnet synchro-reluctant motor range offers high-efficiency, long-lasting operations and reduced carbon footprint. You will be able to improve your performances and reduce your energy bill, allowing you to quickly make your project profitable.

Expertise and reference projects
Our products are compact and easy to use to fit any installation. Coupled with our goal of reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), we try to fit perfectly with your expectations. Choose a partner with global capabilities, local services and an express availability service covering motors, drives and options (Day + 1 to Day +10).

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Flyer: Motors & Drives for Industrial Refrigeration

High-efficiency solutions, improving your COP

Products for the refrigeration industry :

motor PLSES


Premium efficiency IE3  IP23 three-phase induction motors
55 to 900 kW


 PLSES 4500

Three-phase asynchronous motor, IP23 IE3 - High speed 4500tr/min
100 to 480 kW


Dyneo+Synchronous Reluctance Permanent Magnet Motors

Dyneo+ synchronous motors combining reluctance and permanent magnets are built on the mechanical platform of our IMfinity® induction motors, known for their robustness and reliability. Available in various LSHRM/PLSHRM/FLSHRM series, they are easy to install and set-up. At the top of energy efficiency above IE5, they offer unrivalled performance and interactive commissioning thanks to our new Systemiz application.

11 to 500 kW - Interchangeable IEC or Compact version

motor FLSES


Premium efficiency IE3 and IE4. Cast iron IP55 induction motors
0,75 to 900 kW

motor LSES


Premium efficiency IE3. Aluminum IP55 induction motors
0,75 to 200 kW

powerdrive mdsmart

Powerdrive MDSmart

Electronic power converter. 6p, 12p, 18p, 24p
1 single frame up to 500 kW. Available in 380V, 480V, 500V and 690V


Commander C200/300 

Commander C200/300 variable speed drives are a benchmark in the field of motor control

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