CFIA 2014: Leroy-Somer rewards its customers for their commitment to energy efficiency!

MAR 05, 2014

A long-standing partner for many years of manufacturers and users of equipment for the agri-food industry, Leroy-Somer had a stand at the CFIA trade fair in Rennes between 11 and 13 February last year with its drive solutions and innovative services to improve performance and reliability, and to help make savings in agri-food manufacturing processes.

Here, Leroy-Somer organised the very first ceremony to award Dyneo® Energy Performance Trophies, an event intended to reward companies in the Grand-Ouest region of France who have engaged with the energy performance of their industrial process, using the highest Dyneo® loads. A Leroy-Somer innovation, Dyneo® is a range consisting of permanent magnet synchronous motors and electronic drives which generate considerable energy savings.

A major economic challenge in terms of competitiveness and profitability, energy savings are now a hot topic in the manufacturing world. Accounting for almost 70% of the electricity consumption in industry, electric motors constitute one of the most sources of energy efficiency. Moreover, the cost of electricity accounts for 95% of the total operating cost of an electric motor.

Energy efficiency has been one of Leroy-Somer's major preoccupations for many years. Historically involved in promoting energy savings, the company has invested massively in research into new technologies and, in 2008, developed a drive system that is the only one of its kind on the market: the Dyneo® range. With unrivalled efficiency levels, considerably higher than the minimum required by class IE4, Dyneo® permanent magnet synchronous variable speed drive solutions now represent the best option on the high energy efficiency market. 

To date, more than 25 major agri-food manufacturers in the region have equipped their installations with Dyneo® solutions, corresponding to an installed base rated 13 MW. All these less energy-intensive drive systems generate savings of 16.6 million kW/h per year, the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of towns like Douarnenez, Bayeux or even Les Sables d’Olonne! 

On 12 February, Leroy-Somer had the honour of having on its stand those companies with the most dynamic energy efficiency approach, in front of numerous visitors interested in this unprecedented initiative. 

The Dyneo® Energy Performance Trophies were therefore awarded to: 

First: The COOPERL Group

A major pork-producing farming cooperative in France bringing together 2700 farmers and members, the COOPERL Group uses Dyneo® assemblies consisting of LSRPM motors and Powerdrive drives in animal nutrition manufacturing, the abattoir process and industrial refrigeration.

Second: The LDC Group

A specialist in cutting activities and manufacturing high-tech products with its poultry and prepared foods businesses and its well-known brands: LE GAULOIS, LOUE, MARIE, MAITRE COQ, the LDC Group has various installations equipped with Dyneo® assemblies consisting of LSRPM motors and Powerdrive drives.

Third: Fleury Michon​

A leading player in the French food industry, specialising in the preparation of everyday cook-chill products, Fleury Michon has a number of compressors equipped with Dyneo® assemblies, consisting of LSRPM motors and Powerdrive drives.

Special award: the Le Gouessant Group, a pioneer of Dyneo® technology !

A leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of animal feed in France, the Le Gouessant Group produces nearly a million tonnes of feed a year. An early-adopter in the energy optimisation process in partnership with Leroy-Somer and other companies, Le Gouessant was the first, at the end of 2008, to successfully performance-test the Dyneo® drive on numerous applications, including the hammer mill. 

Through these Dyneo® Trophies, these major manufacturers, each of them a leading player in their business sector, demonstrate the trust they place in Leroy-Somer to resolve their energy efficiency problems and thus increase their productivity.

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