EasyReg Advanced

EasyReg Advanced

EasyReg Advanced is a dedicated software to configure and monitor Leroy-Somer digital Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR).
It is compatible with the D700, D550 and D350.

EasyReg Advanced software EasyReg Advanced software

EasyReg Advances includes a complete set of tools:

  • Step-by-step configuration of the alternator parameters, regulation modes, limits, wiring, PID, I/O and protection devices
  • Monitoring and analysis tools, including an oscilloscope, a monitoring panel, and harmonic analysis
  • Simple control systems configuration using logic gates
  • Data logger configuration: triggers operating modes and parameters can be configured, as well as the sampling speed
  • Email alerts setup
  • Grid code protection parameters definition and synchronization parameters for grid paralleling

EasyReg Advanced support both Ethernet and USB communication protocols.

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