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Certified marine alternators for reliable power generation

Certified Marine Alternators for reliable power generation 


Leroy Somer and Kato Engineering build quality alternators that are designed to withstand the test of time and extreme conditions. 


Most of our alternators meet marine specifications by design. Nothing is altered to have them comply with some of the world’s most demanding rules.

Over 50 years of experience Certified with over 6 classification societies Worldwide on-board repair and maintenance services
Over 300 ships equipped ​Power range
up to 25MW
​Solas compliant range


We source the best materials, and craft our designs around reliability and performance. The experience and know-how of our workers is our ultimate guarantee of quality.

​SAPMER’S -40°C deep freeze tuna purse seiner with a Diesel electric propulsion system.​​​

The 90-meter long ship is equipped with 4 alternators LSA 53 M9 1875kVA 690V 1000rd/min, driven by Wartsila engines. The alternators provide all the energy needed to operate the ship (hydraulic, -40°C freezing holds, propulsion, lighting, various auxiliaries, etc.)​​

In 2009, the Piriou shipyard delivered Franche Terre to SAPMER, first of a series of three -40°C deep-freeze Tuna purse seiners for Tuna fishing in the India​​​n Ocean with a Diesel Electric propulsion system.



Our Marine alternators ship with certificates from all major classification societies.




 ​Standards & Certifications 


We offer alternators that meet the requirements of Maritime specifications, whether shaft alternators, essential as emergency alternators and electric generators. The electrical performance, mechanical characteristics, winding protection and compact size of products are essential characteristics for these types of uses. Our products are known for their reliability and rugged endurance.


Solutions adapted to marine requirements


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