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Alternators for emergency diesel gensets

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Leroy-Somer designs and manufactures K3 emergency and stand-by generators with analog AVR. These synchronous self-excited alternators, medium and high speed range from 1 to 20 MW and from 380 V to 15 KV.

They offer the following characteristics:

  • AREP Auxiliary winding excitation with permanent magnet inductor (PMI), PMG available on request
  • Alternators designed according to RCCE K3 requirement or IEEE 1E classification
  • 40 or 60 years lifetime qualification
  • Alternator seismic qualification performed by Leroy-Somer
  • Single Analog AVR ou double AVR cabinet RCCE K3 qualified


  • France: EDF DUS/CCL and FARN projects
  • China: Sanmen AP1000, Haiyang AP1000, Ningde, Hongyanhe, Qinshan 2, Ling Ao
  • India:Kudankulam
  • Korea: Wolsong 2, 3 & 4
  • Romania: Cernavoda
  • Russia: Leningrad 2 - Unit 1, Beloyarsk 3
  • Sweden: Ringhals, Oskarshamn OKG2

Other references available upon request

Dedicated project organization

Our dedicated nuclear teams are organized to meet your expectations. A single project manager will follow-up on your order, from the initial specifications to the final deliveryphases and the maintenance program.We ensure an efficient execution of the contract during the design and manufacturing phase in close relationship with our customer (schedule management, supply of qualificationdocumentation, customer review, witness management, review of the End Of Manufacturing Report).

Quality Management System

Our general Quality Management System is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Our nuclear activities are compliant with the IAEA international nuclear quality standardssuch as IAEA-50-C-Q or GS-R-3. All staff involved in nuclear activities attend special training session to maintain their safety awareness and expertise at the highest level.Our organization is fully audited by our main clients and international operators on a regular basis. Our offering also satisfies with key quality requirements such as EDF SGAQ.

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