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We bring you the best knowledge and understanding of key alternator technologies and specifications. Discover the key stakes of important industry topics and learn how to avoid common mistakes to maximize reliability and costs control when you order or use our products.

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S03E07 - Network synchronization

Our experts will present what are the main requirements for smooth network operations. Island mode, parallel with alternators, parallel with grid : know more on the different operating mode and the key benefits of our solutions



S03E06 - Do you know the requirements of the Cogeneration application?

Webinar Cogeneration 2023-01-26

With over 30 years of experience as a pioneer in developing alternators for cogeneration application, working with all the main players of the market, our speakers will share with you the cogeneration requirements: Sizing, Grid code, product specifications as well as our in-house design products



S03E05 - How to ensure a longer Operation Time for your alternators and gensets

Webinar Alternators and Gensets / 2022-11-24

Who does not want to ensure a longer Operation Time for their alternators and gensets? During this exchange, we will let you know how to proceed with the right Services, planned and preventive maintenance for your alternator.



S03E04 - A 360°tour on the marine application and requirements

Webinar : Marine application

With over 50 years of experience and over 3,000 ships equipped, we have developed certified solutions for reliable power generation, for commercial and industrial businesses around the globe.



S03E03 - Choosing the right bearing for your alternators

Webinar : Bearing for your alternator

The choice of bearing is important. We will give you some concrete examples and cover single and double bearings to make sure you have a complete view.



S03E02 - Electrical sizing – understanding all parameters and maximize performance and longevity

webinar Electrical sizing

We will share with you the key for a better understanding of all parameters to size perfectly the machine and maximize the performance & longevity.



S03E01 - GenOSys : Power generation assets monitoring & optimization

Genosys webinar

Discover this flexible asset management tool that will monitor, track, and alerts end-users with key data regarding power system performance



S02E01 - TAL and LSA alternator ranges

TAL & LSA ranges webinar

A complete overview of our flagship products to give you a better understanding on their key differences and common features, so that you can easily decide which one to pick !


S02E02 - AVRs explained

AVRs explained Webinar

Regulators are the brain inside the alternator. Get a better understanding of their operation, parameters and features to avoid any error.


S01E01 - Protection Systems

Nidec Leroy-Somer Talks webinar 01 protection systems

Alternators can be exposed to a wide range of external attacks: humidity, corrosion, heat, dust ... In these situations, it is essential to correctly choose the protection system that will maintain the integrity of the machine throughout its lifecycle. This is the subject we will dive in during this webinar.


S01E02 - Temperature Rise & Insulation

Nidec Leroy-Somer Talks webinar 02 Temperature rise and insulation

Temperature rise & insulation : strike the right balance to maximize the life length of your alternator and optimize your investment.


S01E03 - Excitation Systems

Nidec Leroy-Somer Talks webinar 03 Excitation systems

Excitation systems are at the heart of alternator technology. Choosing the right excitation system involves both a good knowledge of how an alternator works, but also a good understanding of how it will be used throughout its life cycle. Auxiliary windings, permanent magnets, remanence, starting kVA ... find out what is behind these words!



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