D700 voltage regulator



The D700 is a digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) for alternators requiring a nominal excitation current up to 25A.

It has been designed for reliable electric power generation, with built-in options and settings to fit any installation, on or off-grid.

The D700 can be controlled through the integrated display or using the builtin webserver interface. It can also be configured through USB without external supply.

It also includes numerous inputs and outputs, and communication ports that match current industry standards.

Key specifications

Technology Digital
Excitation mode SHUNT, AREP, PMG
Rated excitation current 25 A @ 40°C
Regulation accuracy (+/- %) 0.25 %
Frequency range 10 – 400 Hz
Voltage setting range (+/- %) 30 %
kU/F limitation 0.5 < k < 3
Loss of sensing voltage
Over-excitation limitation
Short circuit current limitation
Voltage droop
Parallel operation between alternators
Load Acceptance Module (LAM)

Configuration & setup

D700 can be configured using the Leroy-Somer EasyReg Advanced software.

Key features

  • Regulation modes
    • Voltage
    • PF at generator output
    • PF at power delivery point
    • kVAr
    • Field current (manual mode)
  • Regulation features
    • Voltage equalization prior to synchronization
    • Droop management for generatorsets paralleling
    • Cross current compensation
    • Démarrage sur rampe
    • Aide au moteur thermique sur impact de charge
    • Negative field forcing
  • kW, kVAr & kVA monitoring
  • Mode manuel et changement de mode de régulation sans à-coups
  • Manual mode with follower and bumpless transfer
  • Protection & Limitation
    • Under and over field current limitation
    • Loss of field sensing
    • Generator output under/over voltage
    • Loss of voltage sensing
    • Under speed management
    • Contrôle de l’angle interne machine
  • Data logger
  • Diodes fault
  • Synchronization management
  • Black start possible


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