Industrial Alternators

Meet the legend.

For decades, we have been providing OEMs and power producers with reputable Leroy-Somer alternators from 10 kVA to 35,000 kVA.
Year after year, in the field, in all conditions of use and all over the world, our machines have proven themselves. Offering the best performance and unrivaled reliability, Leroy-Somer alternators have become legendary in the genset market.
Designed with passion and rigor, manufactured by the best workers with top quality materials, Leroy-Somer alternators are the guarantee of a successful installation for a long time.
For your generators, ask for the Leroy-Somer quality!


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5 - 20 kVA

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LSAP 42.3

25 - 63 kVA

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LSAP 44.3

70 - 160 kVA

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180 - 320 kVA

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LSA 47.2

380 - 625 kVA

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LSA 49.1

660 - 1010 kVA

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LSA 50.2

1250 - 1650 kVA

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LSA 52.2

750 - 2100 kVA

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LSA 53.2

2100 - 3250 kVA

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