LSA IC7 43.3 L7 - 2 pole - 70 kVA - 50 Hz

Totally enclosed water-cooled industrial alternator for special applications

The best of performance

LSA 43.3 IC7 L7 totally enclosed water-cooled industrial alternator Nidec Leroy-Somer LSA IC7 43.3 L7 alternator is totally enclosed water-cooled machine for special applications.

The LSA IC7 43.3 L7 cooling is performed by an air/water exchanger (cooling index: IC7A1W7 in accordance with standard IEC 60034-6).

Electrical characteristics

  • Class H insulation
  • Mixed winding 2/3 and 5/6, standard 4-wire (6S)
  • 50 Hz voltage range: 220V - 240V and 380V - 415V
  • High efficiency and motor starting capacity
  • D550 digital AVR specifications:
    - Voltage accuracy ± 1% on balance linear load
    - Under speed protection
    - Integrated radio interference suppressor
    - Mounted inside the terminal box

Protection system and options

  • Designed for an operating environment up to 80°C and a maximum cooling liquid temperature of 93°C, as well as air cooling of the terminal box with a maximum temperature of 50°C
  • pH of water: 7<pH<8
  • Degree of protection: IP 6K9K
  • Enclosed machine cooled by heat transfer fluid
  • Options:
     - Thermal protection for stator windings (PT100 sensors)

     - Shaft height: adapted on request

Mechanical construction

  • Compact rigid assembly to better withstand generator vibrations
  • Steel frame and aluminum terminal box
  • Cast iron end shields
  • Two-bearing mounting with Rotex coupling
  • Half-key balancing
  • Greased for life ball bearings
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise and anti-clockwise (without derating)

Terminal box design

  • Power and signal connection via 2 Harting connectors
  • Cooling of the terminal box by an air flow with a maximum temperature of 50°C
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