HMI Solutions for World-Class OEM Customers

Our Family of Brands

With pedigrees stretching over 100 years, the brands of Nidec's Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Motors division (ACIM) have been delivering quality and innovative technology for generations. Now together under the Nidec umbrella, you can access any of our brands to find the perfect solution for your application.

The synergies between Nidec and Valmark Interface Solutions are impressive - where there is a motor there is almost always a control panel, keypad, or other HMI device to support the application. If your products have motors, let VIS design, develop, and manufacture your HMI control panel today!

We've Moved!

We've Expanded our Monterrey, Mexico Manufacturing Operations and Facilities to a New Location!
We are excited to announce we have relocated Nidec-VIS's current factory to a much larger, brand-new, shared-Nidec-facility only a few miles away from our previous location!  In accordance to ISO requirements and various supplier requirements, we have notified all customers of our move to our new manufacturing plant. Our Livermore, California facility will remain in place without any changes.

Please Contact Us if you have questions or concerns in relation to the move or any other issues we can support you with.

Also NOTE: As COVID-19 protocols have relaxed, we remain diligent in rigorously following all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and other Federal, State and local directives to minimize risks associated with this contagious situation. At Valmark Interface Solutions and Nidec Motor Corporation, there is no higher priority for us than the safety of our employees and customers.

Products You Know, Quality You Need - We're Here For You!

A global leader in advanced user interface controls and HMI solutions for over 40 years...

Our company was born in the heart of the Silicon Valley in 1976, and like other technology pioneers from that region and time, we have continued to inspire and innovate. Today, we are truly a global company and this innovation can be found in the custom user interface devices and products that we design and manufacture for our world-class OEM customers.

Our user interface technologies — from membrane switches to touch screens to elastomeric keypads to fully-featured, turnkey HMI assemblies — meet exacting specifications of customers in the healthcare/medical, industrial/instrumentation and specialty electronics markets. We take pride in our ability to foster an environment of collaboration where customers, suppliers and internal team members can connect and work together to design and deliver the best possible solution for integration into our customers’ end products.

A proud member of the Nidec family

Valmark Interface Solutions is a brand of Nidec, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric motors. Nidec is on the forefront of technology advancements for “Everything that Spins and Moves.” You can learn more about Nidec at



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