Visiting Kato Engineering

Things to know for your visit to Kato Engineering


Kato Engineering Visitor Information

Prior to the Visit:

  • Due to our business contracts with the military, all visitors will be screened through a database of denied or restricted parties.
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, your host will also request a copy of your passport and country of citizenship for screening for embargo and sanction purposes.
  • If any technology or software will be discussed, an export license may be required if the technology is a controlled article.
  • If you will need access to our internet during your visit please contact your host.They will work with our IT department to configure your device for internet access upon arrival.

On the day of the visit:

  • All visitors must show a photo ID at time of entry to Kato Engineering. Acceptable photo IDs include: passport or other US issued identification card.
  • You will be required to register yourself as a visitor on our lobby kiosk system when you arrive into our lobby. The system will issue you a badge to be inserted into a plastic badge holder. The system will also alert your host that you have arrived into the lobby. If you need assistance, please call your host.
  • Your visitor badges must be displayed while in our plant.Foreign citizens must use a blue colored badge holder. US citizens must use a clear badge holder.
  • If your laptop or device is connected to our network, visitors are not allowed to create VPN tunnels between our network and their office network.
  • When you leave the facility, please scan the barcode on your badge using the reader next to the badge printer and leave the badge holder on the kiosk.

For those visitors taking a plant tour, you can expect the following: 

  • Your host will accompany you at all times
  • You must watch a safety video prior to the plant tour
  • You must wear a colored lime green vest when in the manufacturing area
  • Safety protective equipment is required for plant tours
    • Safety glasses with side shields are required and can be provided
    • Hearing protection is optional
    • Safety shoes are not required if in main walkways
    • Open toe, open heel and high heel shoes are not allowed
    • Full length pants are required (no shorts or skirts)
  • Mobile devices that have the ability to connect to the internet or our Wi-Fi are not allowed on the manufacturing floor, this includes cell phone, tablets, smart watches etc.Lock boxes are available in the lobby to store mobile devices or they can be secured in the office by your host
  • In accordance with U.S. export control laws and regulations, some items/data may be unavailable via oral, written or visual means
    • Some product may be tarped or covered on the plant tour
    • Some areas in the plant may be unavailable on the tour
    • Some business programs may not be able to be discussed
  • If you have implanted medical devices that can be influenced by strong magnetic fields, please inform your host or tour guide.


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