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KATO™ MG sets deliver clean power, free from line transients, phase unbalance, and frequency fluctuations. That is why the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral and Jet Propulsion Laboratory use KATO™ MGs to ensure a constant, clean power supply to vital communications systems.

In the desert foothills of the Andes, KATO™ MGs provide 50-60 Hz frequency conversion and dependable, stable power so scientists at the Magellan Observatory can probe the far reaches of the universe.

At piers around the world, Kato shore power MG sets provide clean, quiet power to visiting ships.

Hundreds of other applications around the world, including laboratory testing, remote operated vehicles, aerostat systems, metro transport, radar systems and high-frequency lighting, depend on the superiority of KATO™ motor-generator sets. 

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MG Sets
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