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Power generation expertise and solutions for the Oil & Gas supply chain

The oil & gas industry is one of the most important sectors on which our economies depend. And this is no picnic, as it faces many challenges when searching, extracting and transporting oil in the most difficult conditions, whether onshore or offshore. The machines used must therefore demonstrate flawless reliability and durability in facing all these working conditions.  

Our power generation systems comply with all the international standards (ATEX, UL, ABS, NEC, CSA …) and meet industry standards for performance, reliability, maintainability and compactness. 

Nidec Leroy-Somer alternators meet the challenge. 

Reliability and durability are the pillars of Leroy-Somer in the power generation industry.  We offer manufacturers, refiners, construction companies and consultants products that they can rely on to carry out their projects successfully and achieve the best operating results. 

Our alternators can face all work conditions. 

With our superior design engineering expertise and experience installing numerous onshore and offshore systems, we build generators specifically for these applications and provide the right solution for any circumstance:

  • Proven 24/7 operation.  
  • Dependable, even under Severe Conditions  
  • Long life cycle / low maintenance

Modern rigs and other offshore vessels have more motors, control systems and electrical circuits than older installations, and increased operation complexity.

Our ability to create both custom power solutions for unique applications or global designs for ease of replacement cater to these needs.

  • Design capacity to meet customer requirements
  • Excitation systems support large load peaks with reduced voltage fluctuations.
  • Possibility to provide ATEX certified machine
  • ATEX for both medium and high-voltage 

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