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Leroy-Somer and Kato Engineering generators provide innovative and reliable solutions for aviation ground support power needs.  Leroy-Somer and Kato motor-generator sets for 400 Hz central systems can be found in assembly facilities of the largest commercial aircraft manufacturers in the US, along with major airports and military installations in the US and around the world.

Our customers rely on the dependability, durability, quality and engineering ingenuity of our 400 Hz MG set design capabilities.

Leroy-Somer and Kato Engineering motor-generators offer many advantages over solid-state systems, including:Kato Engineering Motor-Generator Sets

  • Easily maintained by electricians and/ or mechanics; no specialist required
  • Low harmonic content on the input and output of the MG set from no load to full linear load
  • Complete electrical isolation
  • High overload capability
  • Simple, rugged construction provides tolerance to voltage sags, spikes and noise, as well as complete isolation input to output
  • Self-ventilated
  • Stationary or portable


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