Automatic Voltage Regulator for LSA alternators


AVR R449The R449 automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for the LSA series of industrial alternators provides excitation current up to 7 A with excellent reliability for SHUNT, permanent magnet (PMG) or AREP excitation types. 

The R449 features voltage droop for genset parallel operation and short circuit current limitation. The R449 is also equipped with a Load Acceptance Module (LAM).


Key specifications

 Technology  Analog
 Excitation mode SHUNT, AREP, PMG
 Rated excitation current  7 A
 Regulation accuracy (+/- %) 0.5 %
 Frequency range 10 – 100 Hz
 Voltage setting range (+/- %) 5 %
 kU/F limitation K = 1
 Loss of sensing voltage -
 Over-excitation limitation -
 Short circuit current limitation
 Voltage droop
 Parallel operation between alternators
 Load Acceptance Module (LAM)


Compatible products


  • Use R726 module for Power Factor (PF) regulation
  • Use R729 for PF + kVAr regulation and 4-20 mA signal treatment
  • External potentiometer
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