Automatic Voltage Regulator for LSA alternators


The R610 automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for the LSA series of industrial alternators provides excitation current up to 10 A with excellent reliability for SHUNT, AREP & PMG excitation types. 

The R610 supports 3-phase sensing as a standard and can be equipped with optional modules to allow Cos Phi & kVAR regulation modes. 


Key specifications

 Technology  Analog
 Excitation mode SHUNT, AREP, PMG, SHUNT + Booster
 Rated excitation current 10 A
 Regulation accuracy (+/- %) 0.5 %
 Frequency range 10 – 100 Hz
 Voltage setting range (+/- %) 5 %
 kU/F limitation 1 < K < 2
 Loss of sensing voltage -
 Over-excitation limitation
 Short circuit current limitation
 Voltage droop
 Parallel operation between alternators
 Load Acceptance Module (LAM) -


Compatible products


  • PF / kVAR regulation modes
  • U=U automatic equalization (voltage matching) before coupling
  • Grid power factor regulation, 4-20 mA signal
  • Manual mode
  • Stator current limitation
  • External potentiometer
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